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1What are the services provided by your team?

We serve our clients in the fields of Development, Design and Animation, Content Writing and Digital Marketing. For further details, kindly visit our services page on the website.

2 How do you charge for a client’s project?

We charge 40% of the total rate in advance and 30% after half of the project is completed. The remaining 30% is charged after the completion of the project.

3What is the duration taken for completing my project?

We prefer taking projects that have a relaxed schedule. However, the time frame is always approximated and negotiated before accepting a project work. We always focus on ensuring quality work and stick to the given time frame.

4Do you volunteer for certain projects?

We might occasionally volunteer for some projects which we think might be for the greater good - especially when it innovative and interests our leaders. Proposals for volunteering work are to be emailed to us at contact@codepth.com

5 Is your business ISO:9001 certified or does it have any ISO:9000 certifications?

We are a group of passionate undergraduate freelancers working to serve our clients with quality work. We are a Sole Proprietorship business and we currently don’t hold any business certification.


More Questions?

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